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This Is My Story

by David Jones

Back in the sixties, I started seeking the Lord. I got saved, I thought. I stayed in church a few months, and then something happened. I was back out on the streets again. I started drinking and staying away from my wife and boys. I did just about anything a sinner would do. My wife put up with me for 25 years--why I do not know. I know my wife and her church prayed for me all this time. Then, something good happened in November 1995. They were having a revival at my wife's church, so I decided I would go to church with her. When we got there, and the preacher started preaching I was ready to leave, but I sat and held on to the pew for the longest 45 minutes of my life. When they had an altar call, I went to the altar and got saved. This time I know I got saved.
In three months I received the gift of the Holy Ghost.
I love the Lord and I know He loves me.

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